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BioSIPs Executive Summary

BioSIPs Executive Summary

Name: BioSIPs
Elevator Pitch: Technology to take low grade waste and turn it into high value wood replacement products
Department: College of Architecture & Planning
Next Steps: The Innovation Center of the Rockies is recruiting team members to work the faculty to develop a business model and manufacturing strategy for the BioBoard and BioSIPs products.

To Indicate an Interest or for More Information: Eric Gricus 303 444 2111 or

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A CU Architecture Professor and architect, in working with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, has advanced a process in which a wide range of low grade waste lignocellulosic fibers, agro-biomass, and recycled paper can be wet-pulp-molded into flat or 3D, structural fiberboards with strengths suitable for building materials and other purposes. To date, the main focus has been using the resulting 100% recycled input, bio-fiberboard as either a replacement to dry-processed, engineered building panel products (i.e. particle board and plywood replacement for furniture) or adding a few steps to create structural insulated panels (BioSIPs) for use in energy- and resource efficient home and building construction. Given the potential of the technology, the State of Colorado and private investors have provided funding to develop the technology and the faculty has formed a company, BioSIPs, Inc, to commercialize her intellectual property.

Technology Benefits
•Cost competitive with existing virgin wood products
•No toxic adhesives required
•No VOC’s; no off-gassing
•Creating high-value-added products from plentiful waste streams
•Multiple-potential products from the BioBoard product
•Higher strength-to-weight than standard dry-processed products
•Lower embodied energy in manufacturing through closed-loop processes
•Clean-tech / low-tech fabrication methods resulting in high-tech products

Wet fiber molding, extruded products, molded products, construction industry, green building

To Indicate an Interest or for More Information: 303.444.2111 or Please include a copy of your resume.