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DiazaMED Executive Summary

DiazaMED Executive Summary

Name: DiazaMED
Elevator Pitch: Advanced Biocompatible Materials
Department: Chemistry and School of Biomedical Engineering, Colorado State University

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DiazaMED has developed advanced materials and technologies to create biocompatible surfaces that prevent biofouling and facilitate healthy incorporation into the body. Biofouling on medical implants continues to lead to device failure and complication in patients. Preventing these complications and failures is highly desirable.

DiazaMED’s technology utilizes natural therapeutic agents that are integrated onto the surface of permanently implanted medical devices or built into the material using biodegradable linkers for short term applications. These materials mitigate detrimental biofouling processes directly at the tissue contacting interface of the medical device. DiazaMED’s technology acts as a catalyst to produce localized nitric oxide. After a short time period the body’s cells coat the device and naturally continue producing nitric oxide preventing biofouling for an extended period of time.

The Innovation Center of the Rockies is working with Diazamed to develop a commercialization strategy and locate team members capable of executing on the plan. We are actively recruiting advisors to participate in discussions aimed at identifying the key customer problem solved by the technology and the appropriate business model to bring it to market.

Some of the desired experience we are recruiting for
•Medical device coatings
•Wound care
•Medical device development

Technology Benefits
•Controllable short and long term durations
•Prevention of platelet activation & reductions in surface thrombosis
•Reduction in rated of infection & inflammation
•Improvements in natural wound healing processes
•Synthetic materials are safe and noncytotoxic
•Broadly applicable to all major classes of plastic materials including biodegradable, hydrophilic & hydrophobic polymers
•Materials can be integrated into current device manufacturing process (extrusion, dip coating & spray coating)
•Materials are suitable for handling & storage in routine clinical applications.

Medical device, nitric oxide, wound care, blood, biomaterials, therapeutics, heparin, endothelial, apoptosis, hydrophilic, hemostasis

To Indicate an Interest or for More Information: 303.444.2111 or Please include a copy of your resume.