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Getting Equity Investment

How to Raise Money from Paul Graham

Top Questions to Ask a Venture Capitalist in the First Pitch from David Gold with Access Venture Partners

The JOBS Act What it Means for Entrepreneurs from Cooley Godward

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy from Both Sides of the Table

Venture Capital Deal Algebra from Feld Thoughts

Video: Partial Explanation of Term Sheets with Cap Table from This Week in VC (start watching at 6:30). Accompanying Cap Table Spreadsheet

Cap Table Example from Joseph Ansanelli. Accompanying Cap Table Spreadsheet

VC's Calculate Valuation Differently than Entrepreneurs from Both Sides of the Table

Demystifying the VC term sheet: Drag-along provisions from Venture Beat.

Bringing Angel Investing Out of the Shadows from Silicon Flatirons.  Good discussion on the challenges of raising Angel capital and the differences between equity and convertible debt.

How to Maintain Control in a Start-up from Joseph Ansanelli

Valuation and Dilution from Joseph Ansanelli

Voting Rights & Protective Provisions from Joseph Ansanelli

Anti-Dilution from Joseph Ansanelli

Liquidation Preferences from Joseph Ansanelli

Negotiating Exits with the Big Dogs: What Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Ask an Angel: I'm an Entrepreneur Looking for Angel Capital. What Do I Need to Know?

The Art of the Start (Guy Kawasaki) The Time Tested, Battle Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything.

Super Angels (A new breed of wealthy investors is daring to put their money where others won’t: untested start-ups that have little chance of landing venture capital)

Paul Graham Weighs in on SuperAngels

Angel Capital Foundation (Charitable Organization for education and research regarding Angel Investing)

Example Angel Investor Slide Deck (Excellent introduction to creating an angel investor pitch)

Writing an Executive Summary (Excellent introduction to creating an executive summary)

10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint (Excellent guidelines for creating a power point slide deck for an investor presentation)

VC or Angel Money? (Guidelines for when to approach VCs, when to approach angels when raising equity financing)

Both Sides of the Table (A great source of suggestions for working with VCs)

Creating a Cap Table (Introduction on what a cap table is and how to create one)

The Term Sheet - Valuation and Dilution" (Introduction to a term sheet)

Important Things for Entrepreneurs to Know about Angel Investors (Great angel PPT summary from Angel Capital Education Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation)

The Way Companies are Getting Financed is Completely Changing (Business Insider Magazine)

Founder Compensation Data and Trends for Angel-funded Companies (A survey of 6 angel funded startups in Boston, MA)