For more information on how Advisors interact with University Technology, please see our commercialization page. 

For more information on how Advisors work with early stage companies, please see our Early Stage Business Program page.



The Innovation Center of the Rockies actively recruits Advisors interested in helping local early stage companies and commercializing the next generation of technology emerging from the University of Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, the University of Denver and the University of Wyoming.  Whenever we are assembling a team to help an early stage company, provide commercialization advice to a university technology or get approached by a local company looking to hire, we draw candidates from the same Advisor database. If you would like to join our database, please send us a resume.

The Innovation Center of the Rockies' Commitment to our Advisors
Advisor’s time and expertise is a key asset of our organization and will be treated respectfully
All Advisors are volunteers and may opt-out of any engagement
Efficient access to relevant opportunities based on Advisor’s background and personal interests

Some Advisor Characteristics;
Domain expertise measured in decades
Willingness to volunteer & donate their time
Interest in early stage companies and raw technologies looking for a commercial application
Previous start-up experience
Desire for a C-level position within a start-up
Ability to work for sweat equity


If you think you meet the above criteria, we would like to hear from you.  Please send an email to with your resume and a brief paragraph regarding your interest. We will contact you to discuss your background, interests and introduce the Innovation Center of the Rockies process.