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About The Innovation Center of the Rockies

Founded in 2005, the Innovation Center of the Rockies is one of America’s premier entrepreneurial support organizations. With its highly specialized team of mentors and advisers, the ICR defines a new model for business incubation across key industry sectors holding the most promise for the community, global economies and the environment. The industry sectors supported include clean technology, engineering, bioscience, IT/software, aerospace, and natural & organic foods.  Located in one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems for early-stage companies, the ICR blends the resources of business and academia to optimize opportunities for the technologies and companies of the future.

The Innovation Center of the Rockies is a non-profit incubator unique in that we concentrate on job creation and leverage the local entrepreneurial community in our efforts.  About 80% of our effort is directed at commercializing technology emerging from the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, the University of Wyoming, the University of Denver and the Colorado School of Mines.  About 20% of our effort is aimed at helping established high growth early stage companies overcome their key challenges.  The commercialization effort has resulted in the Innovation Center of the Rockies working with 280+ research teams with 19 start-ups based on University Intellectual Property being formed.  Our program helping established companies has touched over 750 local start-ups.
We use a network of ~1,800 volunteer advisors that we match to technology based on technology expertise, market expertise and business expertise.  These advisors can help select target markets and in select cases may be available to join the team in advisory or founder/operational capacity. 

The Innovation Center of the Rockies publicly reports the results of its activities on an annual basis.  This information is collected from past and present clients, aggregated and reported on below.  Please click here for a snapshot of the metrics.

Here are some of the 2014 highlights;

New Jobs Created 51
Wages & Salaries $8.7M
New Capital Raised* $6.1M
Revenues $21.4M

Here are the highlights from the last 9 years;

New Jobs Created  623
Wages & Salaries $107.2M
New Capital Raised*  $105.8M
Revenues $211.8M
New Companies Created 19

We use the National Business Incubator Association guidelines for collecting and reporting the Innovation Center of the Rockies' Metrics data.
*Includes debt, equity and grants received.

The Innovation Center of the Rockies is a 501 (c) (6) Non-Profit organization.
For more information on our funding sources, please visit our Sponsorship page.