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Invention. Connection. Results

The Innovation Center of the Rockies (ICR) connects talent with opportunity. Our core skill is getting the right people in the room. The ICR works closely with the Tech Transfer Offices at the University of Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Denver, the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University to understand the commercial potential of their inventions. The ICR also assists high potential early stage companies.

To support these efforts, we’ve developed a database of more than 1,800 advisors that we draw from to help local early stage companies and commercialize technology from the University of Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Wyoming, the University of Denver and Colorado State University. If you think you have the right background, experience and interest to work with the next generation of companies, drop us an email with your resume.  We would like to speak with you. Example University Projects.

The Innovation Center of the Rockies works with local Universities to understand and develop viable pathways to market for their inventions. Our role is to recruit the business talent that can provide this guidance. Read More...


University Partners
CSUVentures Mines

Please click on the link below for a description of the example project: Full List of Example Projects...


Bacterial Agent Detection - Identify select bacterial agents and determine antibiotic resistance Protein Therapy & Cancer Cell Imaging Reagent Technology - Reagents for the intracellular delivery of imaging and/or therapeutic proteins, and detection of proteins

AEON - Food Ingredients supporting healthy aging



Clear Creek Networks - Automatically configure utility grid communication networks Biocompatible Oil Spill Containment - Technology designed for open water and sea ice oil spill containment BioSIPs - Wood replacement products from waste streams
Arsenic in Drinking Water - Removing arsenic from water that does not have the biofouling problem found in current technology    


Wavelength Division Multiplexing- Silicon based photonic materials to achieve low cost 100 Gb/s optical interconnections


Mallinda - Fully recyclable hard plastic polymer that can be molded and even reshaped at mild temperatures (as low as 175F) by hand
Flexible Thermal Ground Plane - distribute and transfer heat at 4x the rate of the closest competitive technology
Nanoimprint Lithography Membrane - Enhancing Performance of Ultrafiltration Membranes LEAC Sensor (Business Driver) - Looking for a business driver to team with the CSU faculty researcher to define and implement a commercialization path. Disturbance Suppression and High Bandwidth Feedback Control - Technology aimed at limiting the impact of systematic noise and physical disturbances on processes, system stability, and mechanical or factory systems

IT (Hardware & Software)

Natural Language Processing - Computers understanding the meaning of naturally occurring speech and text EdTrex - Curriculum customization software Infrastructure Planning Support System- Software model that identifies climate risks to infrastructure, anticipates the cost of those risks and makes recommendations to reduce risks


Radar for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Detect the presence and range of one or more targets with collision avoidance capabilities    

Veterinary Science

Bean-Based Dog Food for Disease Prevention - Beans represent a novel dog food that provide an excellent source of protein, promote weight loss and have many disease fighting properties